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18V For Original Makita BL1860B BL1850B 5Ah LXT-400 Lithium-Ion Battery &Charger

18V For Original Makita BL1860B BL1850B 5Ah LXT-400 Lithium-Ion Battery &Charger
18V For Original Makita BL1860B BL1850B 5Ah LXT-400 Lithium-Ion Battery &Charger
18V For Original Makita BL1860B BL1850B 5Ah LXT-400 Lithium-Ion Battery &Charger
18V For Original Makita BL1860B BL1850B 5Ah LXT-400 Lithium-Ion Battery &Charger

18V For Original Makita BL1860B BL1850B 5Ah LXT-400 Lithium-Ion Battery &Charger

18V For Original Makita BL1860B BL1850B 5Ah LXT-400 Lithium-Ion Battery &Charger. 1.100% Brand New and High Quality! This battery can be used with the original OEM charger that supports lithium-ion (Li-ion) chemistry. Batteries are made with the highest quality materials 6.

Integrated microchip prevents overcharging and extends battery life 8. Same quality as OEM, but much cheaper, this is high quality 9.

Battery that offers great performance at a great price 10. Best choice for yourself or your friend. You will not be disappointed!

DC18RC DC18RA DC18RD DC18SC DC18SE DC18SD. Makita BL1815 BL1830 BL1840 BL1845 BL1850 BL1860 LXT400 194204-5 194205-3 194230-4 194309-1. BL1815B BL1830B BL1840B BL1845B BL1850B BL1860B.

BCL180, BCL180F, BCL180W, BCL180Z, BCL180ZW, BCL182, BCL182Z. BDA350, BDA350F, BDA350RFE, BDA350Z, BDA351, BDA351RFE, BDA351Z. BDF452, BDF452RFE, BDF452RHE, BDF452SHE, BDF452Z. BFR750, BFR750F, BFR750L, BFR750RFE, BFR750Z.

BHP452, BHP452HW, BHP452RFE, BHP452SHE, BHP452Z. BHP453, BHP453RFE, BHP453RHE, BHP453SHE, BHP453Z. BHR202, BHR202F, BHR202RFE, BHR202RFE3, BHR202RFWX, BHR202Z, BHR240, BHR240Z. BJR181, BJR181F, BJR181RF, BJR181RFE, BJR181X, BJR181X1, BJR181Z, BJR182, BJR182F, BJR182X, BJR182Z BTL061, BTW253, BTW253F, BTW253RFE, BTW253Z BTW450, BTW450F, BTW450FX1, BTW450RFE, BTW450X, BTW450Z, BTW450ZX, BTW450ZX1, BUB182, BUB182F, BUB182Z, BUC122RFE, BVC350Z, BVF154RF, BVR350, BVR350F, BVR350Z, BVR450, BVR450F, BVR450RFE, BVR450Z BVR850, BVR850F, BVR850Z, CF201DZ, CF201DZW CL180FD, CL180FDRFW, CL180FDZW, CL182FD, CL182FDRFW, D145DRFX, DA350DRF, DF454D, DF454DRFX, DF454DZ, DF458DRFX, DF458DZ GA402DRF, GA402DZ, GD800DRF, GD800DZ HP451RFE, HP454D, HP454DRFX, HP454DZ, HP458DRFX, HP458DZ HR202D, HR202DRFX, HR202DZK, HR242DRFX, HR242DRFXV, HS630DRFX, HS630DRFXW, HS630DZ, HS630DZW JR120D, JR120DRF, JR120DZK, JR182DRF, JR182DZK, JV180DRF, KP180DRF, KP180DZ, LXCV02Z, LXCV02Z1, LXDG01, LXDG01Z, LXDG01Z1, LXDT01, LXDT01Z, LXDT01Z1, LXDT04Z, LXDT04Z1, LXDT06Z, LXFD01, LXFD01CW, LXFD01Z, LXLC01, LXLC01Z, LXLC01Z1, LXLM01W, LXPH01, LXPH01C1, LXPH01Z, LXPH03Z, LXPH05, LXPH05Z, LXPK01, LXPK01Z, LXPK01Z1, LXSF01, LXSF01Z1, LXSL01, LXSL01Z, LXSL01Z1, LXTP01, LXTP01Z, LXTP01Z1, LXWT01, LXWT01Z ML184 (Blitzlicht), ML185, ML800, ML801 MR050, MR100, MR100W MUH263DRF, MUH263DZ, MUH401DRF, MUH401DZ, MUH461DRF, MUH461DZ, MUM168DRF, MUM168DZ, MUR181DRF, MUR181DZ, MUS104DS, MUS104DZ, MUS104DZ, MUS104DZ, MUS104DZ, MUS104DZ, PB108D, PB108DRFX, PB108DZ, PB180DRFX, PJ180DRF, PT351D, PT351DRF, PT351DZK, SC162DRF, TD140D, TD144D, TD144DRFX, TD144DZ, TD145DRFXB, TD145DRFXL, TD145DRFXP, TD145DRFXW TD146DRFP, TD146DRFX, TD146DRFXB, TD146DRFXL, TD146DRFXW, TD146DZ, TD147DRFX, TD147DZ, TD251DRFX TD251DZ, TL061DRF, TM50DRF, TP140DRFX, TP141DRFX, TP141DZ, TW251D, TW251DRFX, TW450DRFX, UB182D, UB182DRF, UB182DZ, UB183D, UC122D, VR350D, VR350DRFX, VR350DZ, VR450D, VR450DRFX, VR450DZ Makita RMB100 BMR107 LXRM02 LXRM03 BMR103 BMR102 BMR104 DMR109 Makita DMR108 DMR100 DMR101 DMR102 DMR103B DMR104 DMR105 DMR115 Makita DDF 459 DDF459RMJ DDF481RTJ DHP481RMJ DDF458RMJ DDF451 DHR264ZJ Makita DUH551Z DUH651Z DUH523Z DHP481RMJ DHP458Z DHP458ZJ DUB361Z Makita DBU 182 Z DBU183Z DUB361Z DUB362Z BHX2501 UB0800X Makita DCL182Z DCL180Z DHP454 DHP459RMJ DHP480RMJ DHP459RTJ Makita BTD 146 DTD146ZZ BDF456 BHP 458 BHP458Z BHP458RFE BHP453RHE Makita DHP453RYLJ DHP453Z DHP451 DUH423 DUH523Z DUR181Z Makita DTD136 DTD147 BML185 ML185 DML186 DTD129 Makita DTD153 BHP455 BHP343 BHP453 DTD152 DTD170 Makita DTD147 BML185 ML185 DML186 DTD129 DTD152 Makita DTD170 DTD153 BHP451 BHP442 XPH02 XPH01 DTD146 Makita DLM380Z BLM430ZX2C DJV182Y1J DJV180 Chainn saw DUC122 Makita DJR183Z DJR185 DJR182 DJR181Z DGA452Z DGA504Y1J Makita DTW281 DTW281Z DTW281Y1J DTW251 DTW450Y1J DTW450Z DTW451 Makita DHS630 DSS501 DSS611 LED flashlight DML802 DML803 Makita BCF201Z DCFDCF300Z DCM500Z DUM168Z planer DKP180RTJ Makita DTD148Z DTD147RMJ DTD146Z DTM51Z DTM51Y1JX8 DTM50Z Makita DHP459 DHS710ZJ DHA 711 DHR263Z DHR264Z DCG180Z DVC350Z. DC18RD 4.0A- UK Plug. AC 100V260V world wide use. Applicable batteries MODEL: General 14.4V-18V Lithium Battery. BL1815 BL1820 BL1830 BL1840 BL1840B BL1850B BL1860 BL1430 BL1440 BL1450 BL1460 etc. Product Type:Replacement MAKIT DC18RD Charger It can independently charge two batteries 14.4V or 18V at the same time Smart dual charge, overcharge protection Energy-saving setting function, no battery, sleep to stop charging When the battery is finished charging, music reminding function can better protect the battery. Charger DC18RC 3A - UK Plug. 100V - 240V AC, 50-60HZ. 3Amp output to support charging high capacity lithium ion batteries in a faster way.

Fit Makita Battery Part Number: Charger DC18RC for Makita 14.4V-18V Lithium Battery For Makita BL1850 BL1860B BL1860 BL1850B BL1840 BL1840B BL1830 BL1830B BL1820 BL1820B BL1815 BL1815B BL1835 BL1835B BL1845B BL1845 194205-3 194205-5 194309-1 LXT400 bcl180 bcl180f bcl180w bcl180z bcl180zw Fit Makita chager Part Number: Replacement for Makita 18v fast charger DC18RC DC18RA For Makita 18V BC series: BCF201 BCF201Z BCL180 BCL180F BCL180W BCL180Z etc. For Makita 18V BD series: BDA350 BDA350F BDA350RFE BDA350Z BDA351 BDA351RFE etc. For Makita 18V BH series: BHP451 BHP452HW BHP452RFE BHP452SHE BHP452Z etc. For Makita 18V BJ series: BJR181 BJR181F BJR181RF BJR181RFE BJR181X etc.

DC18SF 4 Port Charger description. 100 V 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 80-320 W. 14,4 V - 18 V. Charge protection:Built-in circuit protection against overheating, short circuits, prolonged charging, and bad battery detection.

Replace the original charging code. DC8RA DC18RC DC7100 DC7112 DC9700 DC9710 DC18SE DC18SC DC1803 DC1804 DC1201 DC1290 DC1410 DC1412 DC1413 DC1414 DC1470 DC1439 DC4SA LXT lithium battery. Makita 14.4 V lithium battery: BL1415, BL1440, BL1430, BL1450, BL1460, DA340DRF, BDF343, 194065-3, 194066-1 Makita 18V lithium battery: BL1820, BL1830, BL1830B, BL1840, BL1840B, BL1850, BL1850B, BL1860, BL1860B, BL1815, BL1825, BL1835, Bl1845, LXT-400, 194205-3, 194204-5 Makita BH1220, BH1222C, BH1420, BH9020, BH9020A, BH1427. BL1415 BL1420 BL1815 BL1820 BL1830 BL1840 BL1850 BL1845 DC7100, DC711, DC9700, DC9710, DC18RA, DC18SE DC18SC DC1803 DC1804 DC1201 DC1290 DC1410 DC1412 DC1413 DC1414, DC1470 DC1439 DC14SA LXT lithium battery. If the order has not processed yet, the order will be cancelled, and you may place a new order.

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  • Package Included: 4x Battery+1x 4-port charger
  • Battery-Capacity: 18V / 6Ah with LED
  • Type: Battery + charger (SET)
  • Brand: For Makita
  • Voltage: 18 V
  • Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Colour: Black
  • Expiry Date: Permanent
  • Model: BL1815,BL1820,BL1830,BL1840,BL1845,BL1850,BL1860
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Model 2: BL1830B,BL1840B,BL1850B,BL1860B
  • Model 3: LXT,194205-3 194205-5 194309-1
  • Model 4: 194309-1 BCS550, BCS550F
  • Model 5: BCL180W BDA350, BDA350F
  • Model 6: BDF450, BDF451, BDF451RFE
  • Model 7: 197599-5, 194204-5, 194205-3, 194230-4
  • Model 8: BHP450 BHP451 BHP452 BHP453
  • Model 9: Compatible with the original Makita charger
  • Battery Capacity: 1.5Ah, 3Ah, 5Ah, 6Ah, 9Ah

18V For Original Makita BL1860B BL1850B 5Ah LXT-400 Lithium-Ion Battery &Charger