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18V Battery For Makita 3Ah 5Ah 6Ah BL1830B BL1840 BL1850B BL1860B LXT-400 Charge

18V Battery For Makita 3Ah 5Ah 6Ah BL1830B BL1840 BL1850B BL1860B LXT-400 Charge

18V Battery For Makita 3Ah 5Ah 6Ah BL1830B BL1840 BL1850B BL1860B LXT-400 Charge
The battery must be Fully charged before first use. The battery is kept in a cool and dry place.

Do not separate, extrude and butt. Do not expose the battery to water and fire. LCD Charger Specifications: BL1850/BL1830 charging time: 65Min/50Min Voltage: 14.4V-18V Charge current: 3A Condition: 100% new Guarantee: 5 years guarantee. For Makita 14.4V-18V LXT Li-Ion battery.

Makita Li-ion tool battery BL1850 BL1860 BL1840 BL1830 BL1815 BL1440 BL1430 BL1415 series. Makita tool battery series 1822 1420. Makita DC18RA DC18SE DC18SC DC1803 DC1804. Makita DC1410 DC1412 DC1413 DC1414 DC1470 DC1439 DC14SA. Makita BHP451, BHP451SFE, BDF451, BDF451Z, BDF452RFE, BTD140, BTD140SFE, BTD140Z.

Makita BTW251, BSS501, BSS610, BSS610Z, BSS610SFE, BJR181, BJR181Z. Makita BJV180, BML184, BML185 (FlashLight), BJS130, BDA350, BFS450, BHR202, BFR750.

Makita BHP454, BTD141, BTDW251Z, BTP140, BTD141Z, BTD144Z. Makita BTD144, BTL063, BTL061, BTL063Z, BTL061Z, BHP452, BHR240, BHR240Z. Makita BDF452SHE, BDF454RFE, BFR450RFE, BGA452RFE, BHP452SHE, BHP454RFE, BHR202RFE. Makita BJR181RF, BJV180RF, BSS610RF, BTD140RFE, BTD142SHE, BTD145RFE, BTP140RFE. Makita BTW251RFE, BTW450RFE, BVR450RFE, BDF451RFE, BHP451RFE, BKP180RFE.

Makita BDF452Z, BDF454Z, BFR450Z, BGA452Z, BHP452Z, BHP454Z, BHR202Z, BJR181Z, BJV180Z. Makita BSS610Z, BTD140Z, BTD142Z, BTD145Z, BTP140Z, BTW251Z, BTW450Z, BVR450Z. Makita BKP180Z, BGD800Z, BGD801Z, BVC350Z, BCF201Z, BCL180Z, BCS550Z, BDA351Z, BDF452Z.

Makita BFS450Z, BHP452Z, BJS130Z, BJS161Z, BPB180Z, BUB182Z BMR100. 194205-3, 194309-1, BL1850, BL1830, BL1840, BL1860 LXT400. We have warehouses in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain. For reasons of distance, we can not send to the overseas provinces of France, Spain, the United Kingdom.

Laptop battery and tool battery is our company's high quality replacement battery, not-original. Negative reviews can not solve the problem, if you have any questions, we will solve for you perfectly, will not let you have any loss.

We have our own factory and produce battery since 2003, many years of experience in battery production and after-sales service. 3000mAh / 5000mAh / 6000mAh. LXT400,194204-5,194205-3,194230-4,194309-1. BDF450, BDF451, BDF451RFE, BHP452, BHP453. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\DIY Tools & Workshop Equipment\Power Tool & Air Tool Replacement Parts".

The seller is "akku_store" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped to all countries in Europe.: Battery & Twin-Port Charger
  • Quantity.

    : 3x 6Ah Battery+1x Charger

  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Model: BL1860B,BL1850B,BL1840B,BL1830B
  • Expiry Date: 2036
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years
  • Unit Type: Pcs
  • Unit Quantity: As your choice
  • Type: Battery Or Charger Set
  • Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh / 5000mAh / 6000mAh
  • Colour: Black
  • Manufacturer Colour: Black
  • Model-2: LXT400,194204-5,194205-3,194230-4,194309-1
  • Model-3: BCL180W BDA350, BDA350F
  • Model-4: BDF450, BDF451, BDF451RFE, BHP452, BHP453
  • Charger-Model: DC18RC,DC18RD
  • Shipping: Free shipping,24H Dispatch,2-4 days delivery
  • Cerificates: FCC,PSE,CE,ROHS
  • Part Type: Battery Cap

  • 18V Battery For Makita 3Ah 5Ah 6Ah BL1830B BL1840 BL1850B BL1860B LXT-400 Charge